• We Are a Multi-Boutique Asset Manager

    WHV identifies and engages superior investment teams worldwide to create compelling investment strategies.
  • We Develop Strong Partnerships

    WHV fosters an environment that liberates our strategy teams to excel at what they do best: managing investments.
  • We Are Stewards of Capital

    WHV is solemn in our duty to manage the investments entrusted to us in a responsible and sustainable manner.
  • We Are Driven by Results

    Above all, WHV is committed to delivering superior returns to our clients. It’s why you invest. It’s why we’re in business.


About WHV Investments

WHV Investments is a multi-boutique asset management firm. We offer global investment strategies that provide solutions to institutional investors, financial advisors and their clients. With partnership at the core of our business, our equity ownership model allows us to more closely align with our asset managers, as well as our clients. We strive to provide timely and innovative strategies to help our clients meet their investment goals.


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WHV is a multi-strategy boutique


International Equity

WHV believes that international equities provide a compelling investment opportunity in active management. We strive to offer relevant strategies managed by experienced and exceptional investment teams. WHV’s strategies provide exposure to international markets across the market cap spectrum.

Domestic Equity

We believe that inefficiencies in the small cap universe provide an opportunity for actively managed strategies to add value to client portfolios. We are pleased to offer a core and value option.


WHV believes that alternative investment strategies have the potential to provide diversification to client portfolios. We are pleased to offer a long/short credit strategy.

Meet Our Investment Managers

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Seizert Capital